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All Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Quiz Answers for Season 2
All Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Quiz Answers for Season 2

Prize Wali Paathshala Quiz is Over

Short Answers: , ,

Question 1?

Answer: Game Over

Question 2?

Answer: Game Over

Question 3?

Answer: Game Over

E80: Aakhari Paathshala

Short Answers: B, D, ‘-‘

1. Who is the captian of the Indian men’s team in the ODI series against Sri Lanka in July 2021?

Answer: Shikhar Dhawan

2. Which actor has announced that they are directing a movie based on the Emergency?

Answer: Kangana R

3. Identify this name _ A _ _ T _?

Answer: Maruti [Add – M, R, U, I]

E79: Thunder-Bolt-Lightning

Short Answers: , ,

1. Which olympian named ther child olympia, lighting and Thunder?

Answer: Usain Bolt

2. A. R. Rahman has not given Music in which of these movies?

Answer: Dev D

3. Which is these historical events happens first?

Answer: Quit India Movement

E78: Incredible India

Short Answers: B, D, ‘-‘

1. In the movie Swades where does Shah Rukh Khan’s character work?

Answer: NASA

2. Which of these is banned in mainland china?

Answer: All the Above

3. Identify this dance form _ _ I _ S _ I?

Answer: Odissi [Add – O, D, S]

E77: Governor to PM

Short Answers: B, B, C

1. The first Newspaper printed in India was in which language?

Answer: English

2. Which of these people has also served as the governor of RBI?

Answer: Option 2

3. Which of these countries has the cow as the national animal?

Answer: Nepal

E76: Kitne Aadmi the?

Short Answers: B, C, D

1. Which of these players gives his name to a type of run-out in cricket?

Answer: Vinoo Mankad

2. Which of these is not situated in Rajasthan?

Answer: Option C

3. In which year was Sholay released?

Answer: 1975

E75: The Reel Prime Minister

Short Answers: A, D, C

1. The ozone layer in the atmosphere is made up of which element?

Answer: Oxygen

2. Which actor has played the real-life Indian Prime Minister onscreen?

Answer: Anupam K

3. Which Indian city hosted the Asian games twice?

Answer: New Delhi

E74: Independent India

Short Answers: D, A, A

1. Which of these cities was built after independence of India?

Answer: Chandigarh

2. Which of these companies is not headquartered in Mumbai?

Answer: ITC

3. Which blood group is known as the ‘universal donor’?

Answer: O-

E73: Speedometer to Oximeter

Short Answers: ‘-‘, D, D

  1. Identify this medical instrument _ _ _ E T E R?

Answer: Oximeter [Add – O, X, I, M]

2. Which of these women have never served as the Chief Minister of an Indian state?

Answer: Option 4

3. Who narrates the events of the Kurukshetra war to the blind Dhritarashtra?

Answer: Sanjay

E72: Sa Re Ga Ma

Short Answers: C, A, ‘-‘

1. Which of these countries banned Twitter in June 2021 after a problematic tweet by its President?

Answer: Nigeria

2. Which of these cricketers has hit a triple century in a test match?

Answer: Option A

3. Identify this musical instrument _ _ N T _ O _?

Answer: Santoor [Add – S, A, O, R]

E71: Cricket se ‘Tata’ Tata

Short Answers: C, C, B

1. Who does the Indian President submit their resignation to?

Answer: Vice President

2. Which brand has not served as the main sponsor of the Indian cricket team?

Answer: Tata (Image 3)

3. Tacos and Burritos are dishes from which country?

Answer: Mexico

E70: Batman in India

Short Answers: A, B, D

1. Which animal gets its name from an Indian language?

Answer: Cheetah

2. Which of these is not found in a pair in a human body?

Answer: Liver

3. Which of these forts appears in the Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

Answer: Mehrangarh

E69: City of Light

Short Answers: C, A, ‘-‘

1. Which of these actors has appeared in a Spiderman movie?

Answer: Irrfan K

2. Which newspaper launched #CutTheShame campaign to raise awareness about periods?

Answer: The Times of India

3. Identify this town _ A _ A _ A S I?

Answer: Varanasi [Add – V, R, N]

E68: Women Power

Short Answers: B, A, ‘-‘

1. Who has composed and sung ‘Tu Thaane Le’ – the Indian team’s theam song for the Olympics?

Answer: Mohit Chauhan

2. Which of these flags belongs to the country whose PM is Sheikh Hasina?

Answer: Bangladesh

3. Identify this women cricketer’s name S _ _ _ A L _?

Answer: Shafali [Add – H, A, F, I]

E67: World Yoga Day

Short Answers: A, A, B

1. Which of these organisation jointly developed the mYoga app that was launched on Yoga Day?

Answer: WHO

2. The father of which of these cricketers is a former Ranji trophy player?

Answer: Cheteshwar P

3. In which part sport did Dingko Singh win an Asian Games gold medal for India?

Answer: Boxing

E66: Waah Taj

Short Answers: C, ‘-‘, C

1. Taj Mahal was built in which century?

Answer: 1600

2. Identify this city _ _ _ G _ R H?

Answer: Aligarh [Add – A, L, I, A]

3. Which celebrity was not born in India?

Answer: Deepika P

E65: WTC: Test of the Best

Short Answers: ‘-‘, D, B

1. Identify this food item _ U S _ A R _?

Answer: Mustard [Add – M, T, D]

2. Which of these companies was not founded by an IIT graduate?

Answer: OYO

3. The India vs New Zealand World Test Championship final was held in which city?

Answer: Southampton

E64: Social Distancing

Short Answers: D, B, C

1. Which company makes a video calling device named ‘Portal’?

Answer: Facebook

2. Which of these animals can be seen on the National Emblem of India?

Answer: Horse

3. After which of these personalities is the Varanasi airport named?

Answer: Lal Bahadubur Shastri

E63: Zoom Barabar

Short Answers: A, B,

1. Which of these is not the name of a product made by Google?

Answer: Zoom

2. Who made a cameo in Student of the Year 2?

Answer: Will Smith

3. Identify this animal _ I _ A _ F E?

Answer: Giraffe [Add – G, R, F]

E62: Horn Ok Please

Short Answers: B, ‘-‘, D

1. Which of these car brands is not named after a person?

Answer: Fiat

2. Identify this creature _ O _ N _ I L L ?

Answer: HornBill [Add H, R, B]

3. What is the covid-causing virus variant detected in India called?

Answer: Delta

E61: Atmanirbhar Bharat

Short Answers: A, D, B

1. Which brand was originally made in India?

Answer: Faima di Wills

2. Which of these cricketers is nicknamed ‘Jinx’?

Answer: Option 4

3. Which river does not host the Kumbh Mela on its banks?

Answer: Narmada

E60: Great Indian Desert

Short Answers: ‘-‘, B, A

1. Identify this name _ _ K H _ A N?

Answer: Pokhran [Add P, O, R]

2. Who amongst these PMs never go married?

Answer: Option 2

3. Which country produced the ‘Sinovac’ vaccine for Covid-19?

Answer: China

E59: Happy Birthday PM

Short Answers: C, D, B

1. Which animal has Indian breeds named Mehsana and Murrah?

Answer: Buffalo

2. Which instrument did Ustad Bismillah Khan play?

Answer: Shehnai

3. Which is the birt year of PM Narendra Modi?

Answer: 1950

E58: Cricket Carnival

Short Answers: D, B, ‘-‘

1. Which tournament is scheduled to be held in India in 2021?

Answer: T20 World Cup

2. Which flag does not belongs to a country bordering India?

Answer: Japan

3. Identify this name. _ _ U _ A _ M?

Answer: Gautam [Add – G, A, T]

E57: Cricket & Politics

Short Answers: ‘-‘, D, C

1. Identify this river. _ H _ M B A _?

Answer: Chambal [Add – C, A, L]

2. Who has an International cricket stadium named after them?

Answer: Option D (Arun Jaitly)

3. Which game has less has 11 players in the team?

Answer: Volleyball

E56: Vroom Vroom!

Short Answers: D, D, B

1. What is the name of the fund chaired by the Prime Minister of India?

Answer: PM Cares

2. Which of these buildings has a number in its name?

Answer: Option 4 (Charminar)

3. Where was the Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix held?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

E55: Dandi March

Short Answers: ‘ – ‘, D, D

1. Identify this surname. _ A D _ _ A?

Answer: Jadeja [Add – A, E, J]

2. Which animal is the state animal of West Bengal?

Answer: Fishing Cat

3. In which year did Mahatma Gandhi lead the salt march to Dandi?

Answer: 1930

E54: Jersey No. 18

Short Answers: B, B, B

1. Which animal has poor eye sight?

Answer: Option B (Rhinoceros)

2. Which part of the human body makes blood cells?

Answer: Bones

3. In which year did Virat Kohli make his debut in international cricket?

Answer: 2008

E53: Rihanna ka Deewana

Short Answers: C, A, C

1. Which of these places did not come under Indian control on August 15 1974?

Answer: Goa

2. Which of these sportspersons is married to another sportsperson?

Answer: Saina Nehwal

3. In Feb 2021 which singer released a song named RiRi about Rihanna?

Answer: Diljit Dosanjh

E52: The Invisible Hero

Short Answer: B, D, –

1. Which of these apps has a feature called ‘Spaces’?

Answer: Twitter

2. In the movie ‘Mr. India’ which of these objects makes the wearer invisible?

Answer: Wrist Watch

3. Identify this surname. A_ V A N _?

Answer: Advani [Add – d, i]

E51: India’s Business Tycoons

Short Answers: C, A, D

1. Where is India’s tallest mountain located?

Answer: Sikkim

2. Which of these business groups was started first?

Answer: Wadia

3. Which of these father-son duos are also called Jai Kishan-Jai Hemant?

Answer: Option 4

E50: Heritage Landmarks

Update Time

1. Identify this Plant. _ _ A M B _ _?

Answer: Bamboo [Add – B, O, O]

2. Which of these actors is an engineer?

Answer: Option B [Taapsee P]

3. Which of these landmarks was not built by the British?

Answer: Option A

E49: India’s Beauty Queens

1. Which city’s IPL team changed their name for IPL 2021 season?

Answer: Mohali

2. Which of these actresss did not win the Miss India competition?

Answer: Priyanka C. (option D)

3. Who among these has also served as the Chief Minister of a State?

Answer: Rajnath Singh (Option C)

E48: Sky High Wedding

Update Time

1. Which of these cities is not a state capital?

Answer: Ahmedabad

2. Identify this personality. _ _ J I _ A O?

Answer: Bajirar [Add – B, A, R]

3. In May 2021 aboard which airline did a couple in Tamil Nadu conduct their wedding?

Answer: SpiceJet

E47: Mai Tera Amplifier

Short Answers: C, C, B

1. Which of these technologies named after a person?

Answer: Dolby

2. Which of these movies does not contain the name of a place?

Answer: Option C

3. Which cricketer has not played a Twenty20 match for India yet?

Answer: Prithvi Shaw

E46: Kabaddi Kabaddi!

Update Time

1. In which of these states would you find an Indian Rhinoceros in the wild?

Answer: Assam

2. Which actor owns the Pro Kabaddi team Jaipur Pink Panthers?

Answer: Abhishek B (Option B)

3. Which of these materials is not made from plants?

Answer: Silk

E45: Reel vs Real

Update Time

1. Which freedom fighter was killed in a gunfight with the British at Alfred Park in Prayagraj?

Answer: Chandra Shekar Azad (Option D)

2. Which of these real-life characters has Abhishek Bachchan not played on screen?

Answer: Charles S (Option C)

3. Identify this town _ _ N A R _?

Answer: Konark [Add – K, O, K]

E44: Saviour Sood

Update Time

1. Identify this personality. _ _ J _ _ W A L?

Answer: Kejriwal [Add – K,e,r,i]

2. Which celebrity’s poster was showered with milk for his efforts in helping people during the pandemic?

Answer: Sonu sood (Option C)

3. Who served as the Prime Minister after Pt. jawaharlal Nehru?

Answer: L B Shastri (Option B)

E43: Destination Weddings

Update Time

1. Which of these brands is owned by an Indian company?

Answer: Jaguar

2. Which of these couples got married in a palace?

Answer: Option D

3. The foundation stone for which of these was laid by Mian Mir – a Sufi saint?

Answer: Golden Temple

E42: Jewel of India

Update Time

1. Which of these brands is owned by MS Dhoni?

Answer: Seven

2. The Bharat Ratna award is the shape of which of these?

Answer: Peepal Leaf (Option 1)

3. In which year did Indira Gandhi impose the Emergency?

Answer: 1975

E41: Indo-Pak War

Update Time

1. In which of these years did India not fight a war with Pakistan?

Answer: 1975 (Option B)

2. Identify the logo of ‘Telegram’.

Answer: Option 3

3. Identify this place. ___IPUR

Answer: Udaipur [Add – U, D, A]

E40: Sports mein Nepotism?

Update Time

1. Where was Mahatma Gandhi when India became Independent?

Answer: Kolkata

2. Who amongst these is not a child of a sportsperson?

Answer: Mary K (Option 3)

3. Which of these states did not see a new government elected in 2021?

Answer: Uttarakhand

E39: India’s World Cup Glory

Update Time

1. Starting in the 19th century which of these princely states was ruled by Begums for over a century?

Answer: Bhopal

2. Which of these can breathe underwater?

Answer: Shark (Option 4)

3. In which of these years has India not won a world cup in cricket?

Answer: 2003

E38: T20 ka Power Player

Update Time

1. Which university co-developed the Covishield vaccine?

Answer: Oxford

2. Who was the leading run-scorer in the IPL 2021 at the time it was suspended?

Answer: Shikhar D

3. Salman Khan’s film Radhe: Your most Wanted Bhai is based on a film made in which language?

Answer: Korean

E37: Billion $$$ Breakup

Update Time

1. The co-founder of which of these companies recently announced that he was divorcing his wife?

Answer: Microsoft

2. Sputnik V – the Russian vaccine was name after the world’s first what?

Answer: Satellite

3. Who of the following was not the son of Mughal Emperor Akbar?

Answer: Khusrau

E36: Roar of Cheetah?

Update Time

1. What does the name of the cyclone ‘Tauktae’ mean?

Answer: Gecko

2. which country originally developed the game PUBG?

Answer: South Korea

3. Which of these animals cannot roar?

Answer: Cheetah

E35: Registaan mein Pahaad

Short Answers: C, C, A

1. How many months are there in a century?

Answer: 1200

2. Which of these is not a UNESCO world heritage site?

Answer: Option 3

3. Which of these mountain ranges are found in Rajasthan?

Answer: Aravalli

E34: The Real Gully Boy

Update Time

1. Which of these monuments did Emperor Akbar build after conquering Gujarat?

Answer: Option 3

2. Guess the famous actor’s name _ A N _ E E _?

Answer: RANVEER [Add -> R,V,R]

3. What term is used for a word that is spelt the same forward and backwards?

Answer: Palindrome

E33: Fauji se Badshah

Update Time

1. Which of these film stars was noticed in the TV series ‘Fauji’?

Answer: Shahrukh Khan (Option C)

2. The process where plants lose water through their leaves is called?

Answer: Transpiration (Option B)

3. Select the odd one out.

Answer: Bappi Lehiri (Option C)

E32: Game of Takht

Short Answers

1. Which number comes next 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – ?

Answer: 21

2. Which of these cricketers did not marry in the year 2020?

Answer: Jasprit B (Option C)

3. Who was the last Mughal emperor to have sat on the throne of Delhi?

Answer: Bahadur Shah II

E31: Taal se Taal Mila

Update Time

1. Which of these building is located in Mumbai?

Answer: Option 1

2. The Indian Railways is divided into how many zones?

Answer: 17

3. What is the term used to describe ‘BEAT’ in Indian classical music?

Answer: Taalam

E30: Genda Phool

1. In which country is the tomb of the first Mughal emperor situated?

Answer: Afghanistan

2. What do we call the phenomenon that resists the movement of stationary objects?

Answer: Inertia

3. Which flower was the basis of a super-hit song by Badshah featuring Jacqueline Fernandez?

Answer: Marigold (Option 3)

E29: Shahi Mughlai

Update Time

1. Which of these mountains is located in Asia?

Answer: Mt Fuji (Option C)

2. Who did Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan choose as his successor?

Answer: Dara Shikoh (Option B)

3. On which of these rivers is one of the songs from the movie ‘Haider’ based?

Answer: Jhelum

E28: Pawri Ho Rahi Hai!

Update Time

1. Which of these water bodies is the largest in the world?

Answer: Pacific Ocean

2. Which letter of the English alphabet is the most used in normal writing?

Answer: E

3. Which of these girls has been having a super-viral ‘pawri’ video on the internet?

Answer: Option 4

E27: India’s own France

Update Time

1. If there are 60 seconds in a minute how many hours?

Answer: 168 (hours)

2. Which of these actors is the son of a famous poet?

Answer: Farhan A

3. Which of these places was under foreign colonial rule even after India gained independence?

Answer: Pondicherry

E26: Kabab mein Pretty

Update Time

1. Which is the longest?

Answer: Hypotenuse

2. Apart from India which country’s national anthem did Rabindranath Tagore write?

Answer: Bangladesh

3. Which actress was at the centre of funny memes after a viral video with Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’souza?

Answer: Preity Zinta

E25: Desi Tadka

Update Time

1. Which of these is the odd one out?

Answer: Flute

2. Which of these commonly used spice is called ‘Dal chini’ in Hindi?

Answer: Cinnamon

3. Which of these animals is not found in India?

Answer: Moose

E24: TV se TikTok Star

Update Time

1. On which continent is the world’s driest place found where it rains the least??

Answer: Antarctica

2. Which social media star?

Answer: Option 1

3. How many players play on the court at a time in a basketball match?

Answer: 10

E23: Corona Flower?

Update Time

1. How many pairs of ribs does a normal adult human being have?

Answer: 12

2. What is collectively given to the petals of a flower?

Answer: Corona (A)

3. Whose birthday on 29th August is celebrated as National Sports Day in India?

Answer: Image 2

E22: Cherry picked Strawberry

Update Time

1. Tipu Sultan was the ruler of which kingdom?

Answer: Mysore

2. In which branch of mathematics would you come across the terms sine – tangent and cos?

Answer: Trignometry

3. Which of these fruits does not grow on a tree??

Answer: Strawberry

E21: Paisa Hi Paisa!

Update Time

1. In which city is the Biju Patnaik International airport located?

Answer: Bhubaneswar

2. Which monument can be seen on the Rs.200 Indian currency note?

Answer: Option C

3. What is the full form of IP in computer language?

Answer: Internet Protocol

E20: Traffic Jam at Sea?

Shost Answers: B, B, C

1. Which of these apps was launched in India after the bank of TikTok?

Answer: Chingari

2. Which of these container ships got stuck in the Suez Canal and blocked it for days in March 2021?

Answer: Ever Given (B)

3. What is the full form of FTW?

Answer: For the Win

E19: Statue of Unity

1. In which city was the Indian National Congress founded?

Answer: Bombay

2. Which of these statue is built on the river Narmada?

Answer: Option 4 (Statue of Unity)

3. What are permanently frozen lakes called?

Answer: Glacier

E18: Makkhee se Virus?

1. Which social media portal has created Horizon – a new virtual world that allow people to explore connect with other and play games?

Answer: Facebook

2. Which of these diseases is spread by the common housefly?

Answer: Cholera

3. What is arachnophobia the fear of?

Answer: Spiders

E17: Asia’s Largest Prison

1. In 1952 who became the first Vice President of India?

Answer: Image 4

2. Which of these component does the Fungi plant lack?

Answer: Chlorophyll

3. In which city would you find the largest jail in Asia?

Answer: New Delhi

E16: Yamuna Yuddh

1. Which of these characters is a ninja or shinobi named _____ Uzumaki?

Answer: Naruto

2. Which of the following species weigh more than any other species on this planet?

Answer: Insects

3. Which snake did Krishna defeat in a battle in the Yamuna river?

Answer: Kaliya

E15: History of Biology

1. Which of these icons would you click to access Instagram TV?

Answer: Image 1

2. The Aadhar card is issued by the UIDAI to every citizen of our country. What does ‘U’ stand for?

Answer: Unique

3. Which of these scientists was the first to identify a living cell?

Answer: Robert Hooke

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