Flipkart Khel Paheliyon Ka Season 2 Quiz Answers

All Flipkart Khel Paheliyon Ka Quiz answers for season 2 in a single page.

Play Flipkart Khel Paheliyon Ka Quiz by answering 3 question correctly and win assured prizes of Smart Phones, Flipkart Vouchers, Super Coins and other Exciting Prizes.

Flipkart Khel Paheliyon Ka Quiz 
Flipkart Khel Paheliyon Ka Quiz

Flipkart Khel Paheliyon Ka Season 2 Quiz Answers

E48: New Year New Me

Update Time

  1. Guess the Word?

    Answer: Carpet

  2. Guess the Word?

    Answer: America

  3. Guess the Word?

    Answer: Drink

E47: Ben’s Beauty Tips

  1. Guess the Word?

    Answer: Fruit

  2. Guess the Word?

    Answer: Hair

  3. Guess the Word?

    Answer: Lipstick

E46: Shopping Therapy

  1. Guess the Word?

    Answer: Ludo

  2. Guess the Word?

    Answer: Eyes

  3. Guess the Word?

    Answer: River

E45: Pajama Party

Update Time

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Amitabh
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Circus
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Hospital

E44: Doctor Strange

Update Time

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Yellow
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Chef
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Fire

E43: The New Neighbour

Update Time

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Charger
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Umbrella
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Glass

E42: Santa Banta

Update Time

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Tree
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Station
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Christmas

E41: Lights Camera Action

Update Time

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Badminton
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Rock
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Dubai

E40: Ben Ki Kahani

Update Time

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Milk
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Green
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Temple

E39: Breakup Playlist

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Parachute
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Window
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Ship

E38: Chance Pe Dance

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Diwali
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Candle
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Dhoni

E37: Party People

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Apple
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Corn
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: IceCream

E36: Sapne Bachpan Ke

Update Time

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Google
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Newspaper
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Picnic

E35: Master Chef Ben

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Cooker
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Moon
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Rose

E34: Galti se Mistake

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Coins
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Bird
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Holi

E33: Rockstar Ben

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Push
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Winter
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Guitar

E32: Party Toh Banti Hai

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Priyanka
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Camel
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Dance

E31: Get on the Floor

  1. Guess the Word?Answer: Table
  2. Guess the Word?Answer: Wine
  3. Guess the Word?Answer: Rice

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